You'll quickly find how feature-packed Mobility Route really is. While we try to focus on the core aspects, keep in mind there are many other features that will help mold the software around your needs and business workflow.

A friendly, modern, and clean user interface that ensures users can still manage their fleets, ensuring dispatchers can still make decisions instead of being restricted by route-optimization tools.

Providing real-time vehicle location tracking and history details in a transparent and honest form using GPS and more. Features focused on dispatch handling, compliance, and accountability.

Simple and reliable mobile apps for drivers to ensure they can do their job safely and efficiently. Additional features for management to monitor vehicle locations and some dispatching tasks.

Both file-based as well as real-time API integration plugins with national, regional, and even local brokers and management programs. Forget the clunky one-size-fits-all and use our custom created and maintained plugins.

Despite an intuitive interface for easy scheduling and quick dispatching, we still provide a powerful and detailed route-optimization solution that can handle hundreds or even thousands of trips in a single day.

Further streamline your operations through integration other powerful business, fleet, and workforce management solutions including Google Workspace, Fleetio, Quickbooks, Quickbooks Time, Xero, and more.

Providing a modular set of tools for a wide range of often unique billing processes across the country. Broker Plugins handling necessary reporting and attestations, integration with accounting software, or connections with our our friends at Kinetik for claims processing.

Get simple yet powerful tools for alerts, trip reminders to customers, schedule reminders to drivers, reservation confirmations, various notifications to dispatchers and managers, and much more. All through device push notifications, text message, and email.

In addition to our systems HIPAA safeguards, our strong understanding of industry compliance requirements goes much further. We can help you develop required written policies that many NEMT providers don't have, avoiding costly liability.

Providing direct integration with your businesses own Stripe account for payment processing, allowing those with private pay business to securely and efficiently collect payments.

Robust features for managing common contacts such as facilities and billing contacts that you commonly work with, allowing you to manage the type of contact (ie facility, billing, etc), set pre-defined information, contracted discounts/rates, and more.

We provide free OIG Exclusions checks when adding a new user into the system and on a recurring basis. NEMT providers know this can be costly with other tools or manually time consuming. This is a must have for all NEMT providers nationwide to avoid legal trouble.

* Indicates a feature that has not been fully released but is currently in beta or anticipated to be released shortly.