Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of devices are there mobile apps for?

We currently support a mobile application for both Android devices, including both phones and tablets. The minimum versions required for the devices operating systems must be at least Android 8.0 (Oreo). Due to demand for iOS being extremely low among businesses in this space due to cost, we have withheld the investments on iOS at this time, but we are prepared to launch a iOS version within a reasonable timeframe if necessary. Our core framework does allow us to compile iOS versions, but maintaining what we need for iOS would not be very feasible at this time.

If your company is mainly using iOS or was considering iOS devices, please connect with us to discuss in more detail!

Keep in mind that most companies deploy tablets for their drivers which are significantly cheaper on Android. Allowing drivers to use personal devices can create significant exposure under HIPAA/HITECH, something many NEMT Dispatching platforms ignore to point out and be honest about considering that responsibility is solely on you.

Dispatching, scheduling, and other administrative and management features are accessed using our web-portal which typically requires a desktop computer, laptop, or a even a Chromebook device. Windows and Mac operating systems are supported.

2. How does your integration with brokers and health plans work?

We currently have two primary types of plugins for integration and/or support of data from various transportation brokers and health plans. First is API Integrations that allow direct connections and often– real-time communication between Mobility Route and the portal of your broker. The second is file-based importing and/or exporting features that allows users to quickly handle and process large numbers of trips.

Our file-based plugins are all maintained separately and are highly customized, ensuring that users do not need to manipulate files manually. This results in a streamlined and efficient process to ensure accurate and easy handling of data. Some brokers may also support bulk uploads of trip-data or trip-logs, in which case Mobility Route provides exports to quickly complete processing for what is often referred to as billing, claims, and/or attestations.

API Integrations often do the same, but don’t require the downloading of and uploading of data files.

3. Does Mobility Route have a billing system?

The processes for “billing” various greatly depending on a handful of variables. This includes State regulations and Medicaid program standards, the brokers or health plans you’re working with, differences in billing brokers or private pay, and other variables.

Mobility Route focuses on working to streamline these various processes using our highly customized plugins. For private (direct) pay, we provide an internal system for rate calculations and invoice generation with popular accounting programs like Xero and Quickbooks Online.

Our Own Billing System

If you happen to be asking about our own billing systems (meaning how we bill you), then we utilize a well know payment processing system called Stripe. If you happen to use or wish to use Stripe for billing with our own customers, we also offer Stripe integration!

4. Can I dispatch using the mobile-app while driving?

Regardless of the software or processes, it is extremely difficult and inefficient for NEMT operators to dispatch while also driving and performing transports. However, Mobility Route is beginning to offer basic dispatching functions to our mobile app for dispatching users.

However, this would not negate the need for a user to access our web-portal to accomplish most dispatching and scheduling functions. We have had some users find success in using laptops or Chromebook in their vehicles in order to access the Mobility Route web-portal for dispatching.

5. Do you provide HIPAA certification?

As outlined by the US Department of Health & Human Services, there is no such things as “HIPAA Certification”.  All entities are however required to comply with all provisions of the HIPAA and HITECH Acts. Mobility Route requires that a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement be signed with each of our customers, and that our Customers address any potential or actual known issues that we become aware of. We are very knowledgeable of our obligations and requirements, namely as outlined by the HIPAA Security Rules, and we’re more than happy to help our customers.

Mobility Route often provides courtesy recommendations to our customers regarding their obligations under HIPAA/HITECH, as most NEMT providers are significantly out of compliance. The biggest area of non-compliance is in having established administrative policies that cover the required elements of the security rules.

6. Can you optimize my routes?

Yes, Mobility Route has a very advanced route optimization system powered by our friends at Routific.  As this feature is not needed by all providers, especially smaller ones, it is a optional addon in order to reduce costs for those who do not require this option.

Our route optimization system includes handling of required shift and break times for drivers, vehicle capabilities (ie supported mobility types), load capacities, vehicle start locations (ie your shop or drivers home) and time-windows for on-time performance requirements. The system is not a foundational system, meaning it doesn’t simply create routes starting with one trip after another, but runs what can quickly become thousands of combinations in order to provide the most efficient solutions.

Our route optimization system also can allow you to even split trips between available vehicles, use the fewest required vehicles, and how dense the routes are scheduled.

7. Can I collect payment from my customers?

The plans that support our integration with payment processor Stripe will allow you to send a link by text or email to customers in order to securely collect payment for scheduled trips, both before or after the trip is actually performed. This is a great resource to avoid drivers having to collect payment information on-site, or when a family member who is not present is handling payment for their loved on.

8. What other software do you integrate with?

Mobility Route knows that your business needs go beyond working with brokers and health plans and requires other necessary software. We currently support integration with other popular business tools. The following is a list of current and anticipated integrations.

  • Google Workspace – Providing a powerful email and business collaboration system using your custom domain-name to avoid using free emails. Can provide encrypted and secure email when paired with Virtru, and offers HIPAA Compliant storage using Google Drive.
  • Fleetio – A fleet management application that provides recurring maintenance reminders and logs, fuel usage tracking, asset tracking (ie wheelchairs, stretchers, etc.), mobile vehicle inspection reports, and much more.
9. Do you offer on-site training?

We can offer on-site training depending on your particular circumstances. In many cases this will obviously come with some additional costs. While generally not needed, we understand that larger organizations find value in such an offering. Our sales reps will be happy to discuss these opportunities further.

10. Are there discounts if I have a lot of vehicles?

We offer a few different discounts, including for annual payment plans. We also offer an additional discount on top of those discounts for fleets with more than 50 vehicles. Significant discounts are available for fleets with more than 100 vehicles.