Booking & Prospect Terms

You, individually and on behalf of your organization, hereby declare that neither you nor your organization currently maintains any interest in any commercial activity or business involved in providing software solutions marketed to non-emergency medical transportation, ridesharing, taxi, or other transportation solutions. This shall include, but is not limited to, dispatching, scheduling, route optimization, billing/claims, and other similar functions. Interest shall mean any ownership of shares or equity, consulting for, role as a director, officer, employee, agent, or another representative therefor. You also declare you are not acting in the interests of any third-party business or organization in order to obtain or review our offerings for the purpose of decoding, reverse engineering, duplicating similar features, or hiding the identity of the true prospect. You represent that the information provided on any contact or booking form is accurate and true and does not contain any misrepresentation or material concealment. You understand that you may contact us at in order to facilitate appropriate arrangements and disclosure of any conflict of interest. A material breach of this covenant shall allow Mobility Route Inc. to recover in any legal proceedings, all attorney costs, fees, and more. You hereby agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and law in the courts of Deleware, United States, for any action arising out of a breach of these terms.