Combining automation and human decision-making for reliable & compassionate transportation.

Next Level
NEMT Software



A wide range of detailed integrations with major brokers as well as regional and local brokers and funding sources across the country.



A focus on uptime availability and handling of offline operation when networks fail outside of our control, including outages from mobile networks and internet service providers.



A clean and modern feel so dispatching and scheduling is made easy.

Intuitive Dispatching & Scheduling

A clean and modern look and feel so handling tasks for dispatching and scheduling is easy. We believe in the value of automation, but we also believe strongly of the need for a human touch in order to provide quality NEMT services. This is why we focus on providing the tools to allow dispatchers and other operators to make the right decisions quickly and efficiently.

Native Mobile Apps

You won’t find any gimmicks here! With actual mobile apps for iOS and Android, you’ll enjoy lower data-consumption, as well as a consolidated solution that offers “lite” tools for mobile dispatchers & management. This includes providing you with the options on who (ie drivers and/or dispatchers) can use the mobile app to see your fleet vehicle locations, and more.

We use Google Maps API

It has become common among many of our our competitors to avoid or move away from integration with the Google Maps API’s due to cost. Mobility Route is committed to providing the best mapping and traffic model information in our solutions, greatly impacting our customers performance, especially in urban areas.

Partners & Integrations

We are staying on the leading edge of innovation and collaboration within the NEMT space. We provide and maintain both API integration and file-based processes with many national, regional, and even local brokers and programs across the country. We also support other integrations with our partners and other popular software solutions used to handle your daily business.

HIPAA Compliance a Top Priority

Many stakeholders in the NEMT industry have come to realize the seriousness of compliance with HIPAA. NEMT operators must ensure they comply with various aspects of this law. Unfortunately its not just as simple as sending drivers through so-called “HIPAA training” and thinking it only applies to medical information. Any personal identifiable information– even addresses and full names– is subject to protection under the law.


Features made for NEMT

Our solution has always been focused on attention to detail in order to avoid a cookie-cutter solution seen in most other NEMT software platforms.


Ensuring transparency
& fairness

We believe in being fair and transparent in our pricing as well as our costs of doing business. Ensuring a return-on-investment for both our companies in difficult industry is key to a thriving relationship.